When you have a restaurant spread on two floors, 30 tables each, 2 bar counter, 2 different kitchens, 1 dedicated beverages counter. A single order can consist of Menu Items to be supplied from different kitchens and bar counters. With FusionF&B train your wait-staff in minutes to manage the show.

The wait-staff takes the order and punch in FusionF&B and the KOT/BOT is printed in respective kitchens and bars. What if at the mid of night one of the BOT printer stops working? Use redirect printer function in FusionF&B to send all the printout of that printer to a nearby working printer.

From the table layout screen that shows the current status of every table to other activities preformed in house, the FusionF&B Restaurant module puts your business at your fingertips and makes it easy, too.

Whether you’re printing individual or combined checks, modifying orders or transferring tables or items, training time (and costs!) for your wait-staff and captains will be cut in half. You can use it with only mouse or touch screen (no keyboard required) or use it with keyboard only (gives you better functionality then a cash register).

Fusion F&B Restaurant comes to you as ready to use software for F&B businesses. It uses the robust & powerful Inventory Structure & other modules of FusionRetail as base. It has very easy to use POS as per today's modern restaurant . It can be configured for Fine Dining Restaurants , Bars & Lounges, Discos & Nightclubs, Food Court with Prepaid System, Home Delivery, Quick Service / Fast Food and Cafeterias.

Beyond improved service and reduced labor costs at the point-of-sale, FusionRetail Inventory gives you powerful back office tracking and analysis so you can make fast, informed management decisions.

Table / Floor / Layout Management Ordering Screen Menu Management PDA / WiFi Compatible
This gives you the overall view of the restaurant status in terms of available, occupied and done soon information. You can define the layout to match the actual placement of tables in your Restaurant . You can place order here and other functions are also available such as food & bar modifier, kitchen command, void items, reorder , move item , move table and select customer. Customize the menu, item and modifier colors to suite your ambiance and mood. The menu management is designed in such a way that creating the menu items and managing them for price change etc. is very fast and accurate. Taking orders fast and easily enhances your guest's experience and increases table turn around time. Orders punched directly through PDA or a handheld device saves order taking time by 70%. Captains can spend more time with guest on floor instead of running between kitchen and wait station.

Features of Fusion F&B Restaurant
Modifier Management

Forced Question: Forced question is used for ordering items which have options like  Small or Large, Vegetation or Non Vegetarian and Sweet or Salted.

Cancellation Reason Management
KOT/BOT Audit and Reports
Waste Management
Recipe Management
Multiple Menus
Multiple Price Levels (Happy Hours)
Prepaid Mode of Payment
Discount Management
Attach Photo to Your Menu Items
Void Items and Entire Invoice,
Move Table
Move Item
Split Check
Transfer Checks
Reprint KOT /Receipts
Printer Redirection
Display Open and Close Transaction at POS
Easy capture of Customer Information
Know Customer's Favorite food
Display Customer's Last Visit & Billing Information
Multiple Itemized Taxes
Touch Screen Interface / Cash Register Interface

Features of PDA / WiFi
Portable and handy
Fast order taking
Direct printing at kitchen and bar
Enhances guest experience
Quick order turn
Serve more with less
Increases staff efficiency
Reduced training time
Available at an affordable price

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