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We wish to introduce a technological innovation for the Cutting Department of Garment Exporter / Manufacture. It is a Sequential Hand Labeling Machine, which is an Italian Technology now available in India also. This machine is a neat and time saving device which helps in Sequentially numbering the cut pieces that helps in avoiding shade variation. There is no ink or gum stains left on to the fabric from the labels. It is lightweight, dust proof and very easy to operate.

There are two models in the sequential labeller, viz.,PB/SQ 2253and PB/SQ 2234.
PB/SQ 2253 has eight Bands in it. The first five are non progressive and are used for coding size such as S/M/L/XL/XXL, or 24-26 etc. The last 3 bands are progressive by 1. It can be initialize to '000' and they progress till '999'

The other model, PB/SQ 2234, has 7 bands in it. The first three bands are non-progressive and are used for marking sizes as explained earlier. The last four bands are progressive from '0000' to '9999'

The actual usage is to differentiate the layers in the cutting department. Say there are 100 layers to cut for a particular style, which has say, 5 parts in it. So to start set the coding as required and initializes the last three to '001'. Now for the first part start applying the sticker from 1 to 100. Once all the layers are marked from 1 to 100, reinitialize the machine to '001' and start with the next part and so on. So in the end all top parts will, have No. '001' and so on till last layer. This is a very fast and easy method as compared to the existing manual method of pasting hand stickers.
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